Volunteering in some of Sri Lanka's poorest communities .

Brooke Walker Start Date: Jun 9, 2016 - End Date: Dec 8, 2016
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My Travel Story

by: Brooke Walker Start Date: Jun 9, 2016 - End Date: Dec 8, 2016
Do you want to help people in a poor country? here's your chance , Donate money for a young 17 year old to go and see just how bad it is and help the people of Sri Lanka . It is an amazing opportunity for me and the people there . I am supposed to be going to Sri Lanka, the project is children and community work . The company which I'll be going with is called Goeco. 

This will impact my education and career as it will give me a practical experience. Improve my people skills and understanding of the world. By doing this I'll have a better understanding of peoples life's and being able to make a difference. This could open doors for my career wise as this is my dream to take part and who knows one day organising programes like this to help 3rd world countries.

I'll be making a difference in their community by helping in any way I can and make any difference I can while helping with renovation work that is on going. Also childcare and teaching as I'm up for the challenge of all of these projects and to make any difference I can. 

I'm passionate about this particular project as i would like to go out and help the people in Sri Lanka poorest villages as theres no point watching about it on the news on tv . When i could get up and try to make a difference even at least one pereons life and improve their life in anyway possible. 

I chosen this destination because they Sri Lanka is one of the many countries that are trying to rebuild itself after a 20 conflict.

This project is meaningful to me as I'm getting to experience how there day to day life is compared to mine and how I take for granted everything we have or want. Also improvjng someone else's life will be a great accomplishment . 

I'd be very grateful to any donations to make this possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this .
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