London Dreams

Chelsey Gooden Start Date: Mar 25, 2016 - End Date: Dec 24, 2016
  • London, United Kingdom

My Travel Story

by: Chelsey Gooden Start Date: Mar 25, 2016 - End Date: Dec 24, 2016
There is so much that I want to gain from studying abroad from learning about different cultures, learning how to communicate with people from other cultures, gain a deeper understanding of another culture’s perspective about life, and experience personal growth. This experience will broaden my ideas and perspective about that culture and the world. Living in the United States I am unaware of a lot of cultures, who they truly are, and what they represent. In today’s world it’s easy to stereotype and put other culture’s in a bubble because it’s not what we’re used to. Studying abroad will help me understand their beliefs, values, their views of the world etc. I will be able to step out of my comfort zone and put myself in another cultures shoes. By putting myself in those shoes I feel that I will gain not only a better understanding about that culture but about myself. Being abroad can help me be aware of things that I may take for granted. Also being exposed to another culture I will be able to be aware of my own culture. A great benefit will also be making lifelong friends from that culture which will give me a greater appreciation for not only them but their culture as well. Another important aspect of learning about another culture is learning about their leadership styles and skills and seeing how they apply it to their life. With learning about their leadership practices I can compare them and the results to my own leadership styles. After learning another leadership style and comparing effectiveness I can apply them to my life and see how they can work for me. In my future career I would love to work international. Experiencing another culture and country will help me learn how to communicate with different types of people. Learning and adapting to new leadership skills and practices will help me better myself for the job market. I will also learn and become more independent and be able to adapt to a different environment which will also be a great benefit for me as I enter the job market. After the experience is over I feel that I will have a better understanding of people from another culture and feel more equipped for my life ahead. I will be able to inform and teach people who have stereotypes and certain biases towards that certain culture. I will also be able to use those leadership practices and skills in my academics and professional life. Through that experience I will be able to truly have a better understanding of the people and gain a greater appreciation and love for them and their way of life.

  • London, United Kingdom