London Academy Dream!

Rebeca Donovan Start Date: Feb 18, 2016 - End Date: Feb 17, 2017
  • London, United Kingdom

My Travel Story

by: Rebeca Donovan Start Date: Feb 18, 2016 - End Date: Feb 17, 2017
A little about me:
- I am from Florida
- I am currently studying to get my bachelors in Business
- I am taking acting classes at Andi Matheny Acting Studios
    - I have also studied with:
        -Margie Haber in Los Angeles
        -Jett Canary at St. Petersburg College
-My dad is a mechanic and my mom is a real estate agent.
-My sister is a teacher with a loving husband and adorable mini dachshund.

About this campaign:

It would be a dream come true of mine to study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. This education in almost equal to studying somewhere like Juiliard in the states. Not only would I learn to be classically trained in acting, the school has direct resources on how to move my career forward and break out of the bubble most actors get stuck into.

*Below I have outlined my budget and plans. This way you know exactly where all the money is going and what the goal is.*

I was seven years old when I decided to become an actress. I've been studying and learning the industry from all points since then. Now, at twenty years old, I am working harder than I ever have. Every single day has a goal. I take this job very seriously, but don't worry, I don't take myself the same. I am dedicated to the job without getting carried away in myself. Which can be difficult in an industry where you are the product you are selling.

I have a healthy relationship with acting. I love and work very hard toward my goals every single day. Goals each day can be: memorizing a script, taking classes, studying movement, social media marketing, working out/nutritional planning, etc. I say this just so you understand that I'm serious about what I do.


There are 4 programs I am looking at:

2 Week Summer Course at LAMDA:

Tuition: $1300
Housing: 1200
Transportation: 200
Food: 200
Visa: N/A
Flight: 1500
Safety: 500

Total: $5,000

14 Week Semester Program

Tuition: $12,800
Housing: 4,000
Transportation: 700
Food: 700
Flight: 1,500
Safety: 1,000

Total: $20,700

28 Week Foundation Course (Two Terms)

Tuition: $18,000
Housing: 8,000
Transportation: 1,400
Food: 1,400
Visa: 500
Flight: 2,200
Safety: 1,500

Total: $33,000
  • London, United Kingdom