Trip into wilderness (within)- Amazon

Amila Ohranović-Katerji Start Date: Jun 5, 2018 - End Date: Jul 1, 2018
  • Amazonas, Peru

My Travel Story

by: Amila Ohranović-Katerji Start Date: Jun 5, 2018 - End Date: Jul 1, 2018
There is pristine feeling running through our veins that reconnect us with nature, with our roots, with earth. That feeling whisper who we truly are. Have you ever simply felt the connection with something and knew that you just should do that? For no reason. Once my friend told me she could sense the smell of desert even though she has never been in one. But, somehow, she knows how it feels. We shouldn’t neglect that part of us that runs wild and free.
We are Amila and Fatih, a couple from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a beautiful country with soul, but that soul carries scars from the war. People’s social-economic conditions are bad and it is pretty much all about finding a job and feed your family. I think there are no people so similar as Bosnians, Serbs and Croatians in language, appearance and behavior that emphasize their differences more. If there is any real differences. But we manage to find them and to make a literal war out of it. So, even though the war is officially over, people cling to “theirs” and live in fear. That's why it is absolutely necessary to travel, to wide perspective, to learn the value of differences. That is only way to see how absurd is our politics. Fatih and I are well aware of this and we wish with all our heart to embrace the unknown, to learn, to grow. Then we will tell these stories to our children and their children, and they will tell it to people they know and eventually, it will make a difference.
Unfortunately, we will not be financially able to do so unless you help us. Back in our land, foundations haven’t helped us. So, please, help us widen our world. Help us reconnect with ourselves. Help us on our way to the heart of wilderness- Amazon. For only when you know and accept yourself you can make this world better.
  • Amazonas, Peru