I want to help marine life

Tal Oren Start Date: Mar 28, 2018 - End Date: Jul 25, 2018

My Travel Story

by: Tal Oren Start Date: Mar 28, 2018 - End Date: Jul 25, 2018
so my story is very simple, I want to help, I want to help the world save itself, I want to make sure that our follow generations will still have a beautiful and safe world to live in. but  I need your help to do so.

we are hurting our planet, our home. It's ok to take but we need to give back, we need to take better care of our home to make sure it will be able to keep on giving as we keep on taking

I want to help make sure the coral reef will still exist and create oxygen for us to breath, I want to help making sure whales and dolphins will still be there in years and years to come

in this trip, I will help creating new reefs in places where they have been damaged, I will monitor the activities of whales and dolphins in areas which tourism is being destructive to their lives, I will be cleaning beaches from trash  and I will help educate local residents about living life side by side with the ocean

I want to save the world from all the damage we creat, by mistkes or by our own lack of awerness, I would like to do all of this, but

I need your help to do so

i only ask for the volunteer fees, the flights, and all other expenses (accomodation/food/transporting) are all being funded by me

help me give back to the world, our home