Blank Blank Start Date: Jul 20, 2013 - End Date: Oct 20, 2013
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My Travel Story

by: Blank Blank Start Date: Jul 20, 2013 - End Date: Oct 20, 2013
Calan Breckon and Jessica Schafer are two people on a mission to change the world and inspire a generation.

Do YOU want to be a part of the story? Join the movement to inspire a new generation of RAOKers (Random Acts Of Kindness DOers) and help this movement come to life! We want you to join us for #GetRAOKT and become a member of the team by helping fund this campaign! We can't do it alone. It's going to take you and all of your friends to help inspire this generation to get up and DO something.

Through combining our love of Travel and Adventure with the need to help and do something bigger, #GetRAOKT was born. For one year we will travel backpacker style all around North America performing Random Acts of Kindness while filming it and posting it to YouTube. This way you can all be a part of the movement. From disaster relief to volunteering at the local charity, we will do what we can to help out. In turn we will depend mostly on the kindness and generosity of strangers to get around, find a place to stay and to eat. In a world where violence and negativity run rampant, we want to prove that there is still so much more kindness out there, and that it's in our human nature to help one another.

"You can't change the world in one day, but in one day you can change someone's world."

#GetRAOKT Trip Itinerary September Main Destination(s): Calgary, Denver, Oklahoma  Leave September 1st Calgary City (1 week) Flood clean up volunteer work Denver (1 week) Oklahoma City (1-2 weeks)  Tornado relief volunteer work October Main Destination(s): New York  Travel to New York via Arkansas/Tennessee/Virginia/New Jersey (2-3 weeks)  New York City (1-2 weeks)    November Main Destination(s): Toronto, Montreal, Boston  Toronto (1 week)  Montreal (1 week)  Boston (1 days)  Travelling through New York/Ottawa/Quebec/Maine/New Hampshire/Massachusetts/Connecticut (2-3 weeks)    December  Main Destination(s): New York  Christmas/New Years Eve  New York (1-2 weeks)    January Main Destination(s): Atlanta  Travel to Atlanta via Pennsylvania/Virginia/North Carolina/South Carolina/Georgia (2 weeks)  Atlanta (1 week)    February Main Destination(s): Daytona Beach, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami  Daytona Beach/Orlando/Fort Lauderdale (2-3 weeks)  Disney World  Miami (1 week)  Travel to Louisiana (1 week)    March Main Destination(s): New Orleans  New Orleans (2-3 weeks)  Hurricane rebuilding volunteer work  Mardi Gras  Travel to Texas (1 week)    April Main Destination(s): Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas  Houston/San Antonio/Austin (2-3 weeks)  Dallas (1 week)  Travel to Denver via Oklahoma City and touch base with friends we made there (1 week)    May Main Destination(s): Denver, Las Vegas, Lake Havasu  Denver (1 week)  Travel to Las Vegas via Utah (1 week)  Las Vegas (1 week)  Lake Havasu (1 week)  Recovery week    June Main Destination(s): San Diego, Los Angeles  San Diego (1 week)  Los Angeles (2-3 weeks)  LA Pride  Travel to San Francisco    July Main Destination(s): San Francisco, Vancouver  San Francisco (1-2 weeks)  Travel to Vancouver via Oregon/Washington State (1-2 weeks)    August Main Destination(s): Vancouver  Vancouver Pride  BIG end of trip celebration!
  • Various Locations, Multiple Countries


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