Teaching English in Italy and Returning to Texas for Visa

Kathleen Medina Start Date: Dec 2, 2019 - End Date: Mar 30, 2020

My Travel Story

by: Kathleen Medina Start Date: Dec 2, 2019 - End Date: Mar 30, 2020

Hello there and Thank you for taking the time to read this! I started teaching English in Italy 3 months ago and realized that I not only wanted to do this for a long time but that there was a need. So many people in Italy are hungry to learn English, but there is a very apparent deficiency of English mother tongue teachers. One of the reasons for that is the costly/long process that is getting a work permit. I actually have to return to Texas to get some of this complete and unfortunately have to leave my students in the middle of the year. I am very sad to do this, but I have to follow the law. Having to buy a flight for the holiday time is not ideal, and teachers here also do not make a lot so I am asking for your assistance.  I don't feel comfortable doing this but I thought if around Christmas time/my birthday I thought maybe this would be a good idea. Many of you have been more than kind to me in the past, and the books you have donated helped get children excited about English. I wish I could explain to you how good it feels to walk into a class room a few months later and the children are screaming "hello teacher! How are you?" When just 2 months ago they were shy to speak. It's truly one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever experienced, and I am in love. 

One of the reasons I'm asking for help is because immediately when I return to Houston I have to meet with the Italian consulate to do paperwork and this is going to be costly. I'm not one to ask for help because maybe pride or something? But I thought if it's something that will help better someone in some way then it has to be a worthy cause. Any money made from this fundraiser will go towards making all of this a reality. No matter what happens I will be returning to Italy to teach I just want it to be a bit longer than every 3 months. I am eternally grateful for your kindness


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    Ummm ok so this website only gives me first names of who has donated but wow I’m not really sure what to do because I don’t know who has donated.
    Wow! Thank you so much