Do You Know the Way to San Jose del Cabo?

Rachelle LaGree Start Date: Jul 24, 2017 - End Date: Jul 14, 2018
  • San José del Cabo, Mexico

My Travel Story

by: Rachelle LaGree Start Date: Jul 24, 2017 - End Date: Jul 14, 2018

Do you know the way to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico?
You are invited to join me, Rachelle LaGree, on this journey. I am excited to have the opportunity to teach social studies in the Los Cabos area of Mexico located on the Baja Pennisula. I have always wanted to travel and teach abroad but did not know when or where or how it would work. 
This opportunity came upon me quickly and I need to be there August 7, 2017. (Holy moley that 2 weeks from today! How am I going to make this happen? 
I had been applying in the U.S. for a social studies job and nothing was gelling, so here I am hoping that the kindness of friends, family and strangers will help this dream along. The most difficult part of this decision has been the financing. I am working on selling my vehicle and as many of my things as possible to lessen my American debt. I am hoping to raise some money to help me get established in Mexico
I will be teaching World History and Geography in an bilingual school. I am looking forward to leading students through this journey and honing my Spanish skills over the coming year. 
Along with learning more about the culture, I look forward to teaching in a warm climate (another wish of mind has been to teach and live in a warmer climate). 
Teaching at Centro Escolar Pichacho McGregor will enhance my professional experience and expand my understanding of multi-culteral educaiton.
I look forward to sharing my experiences spreading the joy of learning with everyone and thank you deeply for any contribution you can make.
Muchas gracias mi amigos!

  • San José del Cabo, Mexico


  • Decisions, Decisions...

    Decisions, Decisions...
    I've been reluctant to share much here lately, as I was truly hoping for something more exciting to say. From an educational standpoint, I have so much more to share with my masters cohort, though those days are long gone. As an educator, you really have to let go of a lot of your convictions and expectations about education. The fact of the matter is the days are long and exhausting for what averages out to be about $7.50 an hour.
    I thought with housing being provided that I'd be able to swing it but my American debt is making it to challenging and causing me great anxiety. I'm planning on returning to Montana at the holidays. I missed my opportunity to purchase the ticket I wanted due to lack of available funds. I am now looking at using Delta Sky miles and cash. If anyone out there has any extra miles they might want to donate, please contact me. Additionally, some of the flights are over 18 hours with extended delays in major hubs. I am trying to fly to Williston, as it is close to home.
    I came for some adventure and experience and have gotten some that I couldn't have possibly planned or predicted.
    Perhaps, I will try this type of adventure another day.
    Thank you for all of your support through Face Time, messaging, Marco Polo, or a phone call. It truly helps me cope with so much down here.
  • In The Wake Of Tropical Storm Lidia

    School was cancelled on Wednesday, Aug 30 for students as Lidia was preparing to make landfall that afternoon. We got home shortly before the rain began. School was subsequently cancelled for Thursday and Friday as the rain and wind swept through the cape. Lucky for us, we continued to have power and internet as she unleashed her force on the area. We spent the majority of 36 hours sopping up floors and ringing out towels and the mop to try and keep up with the water that came in. The city had cut the water supply sometime Thursday. I had turned a large garbage can right side up and placed it under the roof gutter to catch rainwater for anticipated toilet flushing should the city cut the water. We also purchased extra drinking water and filled some extra containers with tap water. The rains subsided on Friday, Sept. 1 and that night, the Canadian and I made a quick trip to a friends place that still had water and we were able to shower, a luxury for many during this. I had also not been feeling well battling a touch of Montezuma's revenge for over a week. Early, the surfer and I made a quick run to Soriano to pick up a few things and I purchased an OTC med for parasites hoping to feel better soon. On Saturday, we waited to hear when the water would be turned back on and whether or not we would have school on Monday. The reports of roads being washed away or covered in sand and silt came rolling in. On Sunday, the American brought up donating to the families that lost EVERYTHING because they were living in arroyos or in an area that was descrated by Lidia. I immediately said yes, I wanted to give back to the community to whom many were kind and helpful to me. The two of us set out to assess the bridge to the east cape, stop at the fire station and ask about donations and then to the grocery store to buy them. As we came out of the store, there was a lady and two girls collecting and organizing donations, so we left our diapers, baby wipes, and feminine and hygiene products with them. On the way back, we got word that school was on for Monday because water had been restored. The landlords came by to take care of a few things and I was able to help the senora take an old student desk to the corner where people were collecting anything that could be used or reused for those who lost everything. I felt like I had done some good in the world today. So thank you for all the support and I just wanted to let you know that I have paid it forward and hope to continue to do so. There are so many people in this world that need a helping hand, from Texas to Montana to Los Cabos. Be the change where you can! I'm eternally grateful for so many things. Muchas Gracias!