Do You Know the Way to San Jose del Cabo?

Rachelle LaGree Start Date: Jul 24, 2017 - End Date: Jul 14, 2018
  • San José del Cabo, Mexico

My Travel Story

by: Rachelle LaGree Start Date: Jul 24, 2017 - End Date: Jul 14, 2018

Do you know the way to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico?
You are invited to join me, Rachelle LaGree, on this journey. I am excited to have the opportunity to teach social studies in the Los Cabos area of Mexico located on the Baja Pennisula. I have always wanted to travel and teach abroad but did not know when or where or how it would work. 
This opportunity came upon me quickly and I need to be there August 7, 2017. (Holy moley that 2 weeks from today! How am I going to make this happen? 
I had been applying in the U.S. for a social studies job and nothing was gelling, so here I am hoping that the kindness of friends, family and strangers will help this dream along. The most difficult part of this decision has been the financing. I am working on selling my vehicle and as many of my things as possible to lessen my American debt. I am hoping to raise some money to help me get established in Mexico
I will be teaching World History and Geography in an bilingual school. I am looking forward to leading students through this journey and honing my Spanish skills over the coming year. 
Along with learning more about the culture, I look forward to teaching in a warm climate (another wish of mind has been to teach and live in a warmer climate). 
Teaching at Centro Escolar Pichacho McGregor will enhance my professional experience and expand my understanding of multi-culteral educaiton.
I look forward to sharing my experiences spreading the joy of learning with everyone and thank you deeply for any contribution you can make.
Muchas gracias mi amigos!

  • San José del Cabo, Mexico


  • En Route And Getting Set Up

    As quickly as this opportunity came about, so did departure day! The best way for me sum up my feelings is anxietment, yes, anxiety and excitement. I am surrounded by so many positive thoughts and well wishes. Muchas gracias mi amigos y amigas y familia! Yes, I've been brushing up on the language.
    I've discovered that I must be patient as, there is a bit of island time feel to communication and that doesn't help anxiety when you have to drive 4.5 hours to the airport (Thank you Sean for the lift!) I'm t rusting that the HR contact and the English Coordinator will be at the airport in SJD to pick me up. Rumor has it they will pick me up, give me tour, show me where to catch the bus, etc.
    I found out Sunday that I need to bring bedding and towels. The good news is that there is a Walmart. I will be staying in school housing and I think that I will donate my bedding to the hacienda. (So those that have helped fund my adventure, you have helped cover baggage fees, airport snacks and bedding and towels.) I will post pictures later.
    I do know my address, so if anyone would like that, you can message me.