SLV.Global mental health work placement

Jacqueline Black Start Date: Jan 21, 2018 - End Date: Jul 20, 2018
  • Sri Lanka

My Travel Story

by: Jacqueline Black Start Date: Jan 21, 2018 - End Date: Jul 20, 2018

  • SLV.Global is a voluntary organisation which started in 2010. The project runs to help local communities within Sri Lanka, aiding students and graduates to gain valuable experience within a different culture to their own. As I am in my final year of a Pscyhology degree, I believe this experience is essential to build upon the knowledge I have already gained and to better understand individuals who have lived through situations which are unlike my own. It will enhance my communicaton skills and the oppurtunity to learn from local professionals will benefit me greatly in my future career. However, as SLV.Global is a voluntary organisation I am following in the footsteps of volunteers before me and fundraising towards the work I will be taking part in.
  • All of SLV.Global placements are designed to provide maximum benefit to the communities they work in. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with a vibrant culture that has been through lots of hardship, such as the traumatic effects left behind by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Therefore, the placement will involve a lot of hardwork and dedicaton. During my time I will be involved in outreach programmes, english for development, child development and much more.
  • I will be working with individuals who are all of various ages, abilities and backgrounds. However, all projects have a similar focus - to promote positive mental health as much as possible by boosting confidence, self-esteem and improving key life skills.
Thank you to anyone who is willing to help! The support is greatly appreciated.
  • Sri Lanka