Nadia's field work expeirence in Argentina!

Nadia Espino Start Date: Apr 9, 2018 - End Date: Jun 15, 2018
  • Cordoba, Argentina

My Travel Story

by: Nadia Espino Start Date: Apr 9, 2018 - End Date: Jun 15, 2018
Ever since I volunteered at Shriners Children’s hospital in Sacramento, I have developed a passion in helping others and have wanted to learn more about primary healthcare specifically in other countries in order to see how culture influences the way people practice medicine. As a student majoring in Global Health, it is required that I participate in field experience to gain research for my senior capstone and thesis. I feel that I am ready for this field work experience that will help me to learn firsthand about my interests in pursuing a career in health. The five-week primary care and social medicine program in Cordoba Argentina is the perfect program for me to pursue my interest in different cultures and the healthcare system. I am especially interested in the primary healthcare and the healthcare system in Argentina. My career goal is to work for a non-profit organization that addresses public health issues both internationally and the United States, and so this period abroad will give me vital experience I will be able to cherish and use for the rest of my life.
Over the course of this study abroad program, a group of students from other universities and I will get to study the culture, healthcare and society of Cordoba. I will have the opportunity to take part in clinical rotations alongside primary healthcare providers, the first point of access into the healthcare system, at clinics, community health centers, and hospitals in the University town of Cordoba. In addition, I will be gaining experience through consultations and will be learning more about low-income and immigrant patient populations who do not have access to private insurance. This will allow me to take part in patient education, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. This field work experience abroad will give me a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am extremely excited for. 
As you can imagine, embarking on this trip depends on financial support. The program fee is $3,025 which includes accommodation, meals, transportation, a local cell phone, international emergency medical and evacuation insurance. In addition, the program also includes Spanish classes and airport transportation. My fundraising goal is $2,250 in order to pay the remaining program fee. I have been fortunate enough to pay for my flight, but this is not enough. I ask for your help in making a donation towards this field experience program in Cordoba. Your contributions will help me complete my university program requirements in addition to my research for my thesis. Moreover, your contributions will help me take part in this life changing opportunity.
  • Cordoba, Argentina