Environmental protecrion in The Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Natalia Guseva Start Date: Sep 3, 2017 - End Date: Dec 1, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Natalia Guseva Start Date: Sep 3, 2017 - End Date: Dec 1, 2017
Khama Rhino Sanctuary is located around 320 km North-West from Gaborone, capital city of the Republic of Botswana. It is a conservation park for the endangered white and black rhinos. It also hosts a wide range of animals including kudus, impalas, gemsboks, giraffes, and a variety of small animals and birds.
The volunteers will assist in the maintenance of the footpaths, park fence, fire breaks and trails and helping in day to day business maintenance of the park.
But there is extra fee to be paid in the hosting country. It covers simple meals, arrangements for the whole workcamp preparation in terms of communication, electronic mailing and transport for meeting with different stakeholders.
It will be my fist visit and work experience in Africa. So i'm very excited. I love wild nature and enjoy working outdoors. As Africa attracts the attention of naturalists, courageous travelers and nature lovers, I want to open the beautiful world of African flora and fauna and gain the knowledge about local people behavior.
Before I participated in international restoration, agrarian, ecological and social volunteer workcamps in France, India, Iceland, Finland, Denmark and Greenland. I’d been working in biological expedition on the Commander islands (Russian Federation) in the Pacific Ocean for five months. We made a research of fur seals, sea lions, otters and whales behavior.
Being a volunteer gives me a huge life experience. Living and working with local people are the best way to understand the country from within: from etiquette and habits to holidays, traditions and typical everyday life.
And volunteers participate as a team in the whole duration of the camp. I meet people from all over the world. We work together in a team. I can feel the team as my gang. We inspire, develop and support each other. We share and exchange different cultural forms during the camp.
After my back home I will share my experience with other volunteers, inspire them and make a note in a newspaper.
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