Asheville Hiking Trip for 2 Vet Techs and 2 Dogs

Roxanne Berges Start Date: May 1, 2018 - End Date: Sep 27, 2018
  • Asheville, NC, United States of America

My Travel Story

by: Roxanne Berges Start Date: May 1, 2018 - End Date: Sep 27, 2018

Life is always a journey, never about a destination. 
We are two Certified Veterinary Technicians. Karla is a Practice Manager of a very succesful veterinary practice, and Roxanne is an ICU Veterinary Nurse at a Specialty Veterinary Practice. 

Both of us have dedicated our lives to our communities, our careers, and our patients. However, we forget about ourselves and our own emotional and mental needs, sacrificing ourselves for others. 

Compassion fatigue is a very real, and very concerning, issue among veterinary professionals, and for us, hiking with our dogs brings us great personal reward, and allows us to focus on our own emotional health, bringing us back full circle, and allowing us to serve our communities to the highest ethical standards. 

Please consider donating to our campaign. We have never hiked outside of our home state of Florida, and we have decided to not only provide updates of our journey, but pet hiking product reviews, reviews of pet friendly accomadations, hiking areas, and various ecclectic places of interest along the way, to encourage others to remember that YOU are the most important asset to your own succes and happiness, as it is our sincerest hope that we can encourage others in our profession to take care of themselves. 


  • Asheville, NC, United States of America