HELP Carlo to join his girlfriend in Australia!

Carlo Chiozzi Start Date: Nov 18, 2016 - End Date: Dec 20, 2016
  • Perth, Australia Occidentale, Australia

My Travel Story

by: Carlo Chiozzi Start Date: Nov 18, 2016 - End Date: Dec 20, 2016

I am Carlo, a 22 years old student here in San Diego, originally from Italy. Life is great! and in July I met in LA my girlfriend who is from Australia. We traveled around the West cost, sleeping in the car, living with little money, but still enjoying every day as much as we could. At the end of August my car broke down in Arizona and after spending one week in Kingman, I was able to buy another car in order to keep traveling. The dealer told me it was an affair and the car was in vary good conditions. I took a loan of 1000$ and I bought this car (Mazda MPV). Well, already after few weeks, the car started to have some issues (leaking gas and oil), but with my little savings I was able to fix them. We visited some of the most amazing places I have ever seen, we hiked Gran Canyon, Zion, Josemite and even though we had to sleep in the car to save money for the was totally worthy.

However, things started to change when my girlfriend visa expired in October. She was forced to leave the US even because she had no money left and I was not able to support both myself and her. We said goodbye at the airport and we promised to see each other in January in Australia (Perth) where she has a full-time job. I started to look for jobs, knocking every door in the neighborhood. Day after day, dollar after dollar, I was able to save some money in order to pay back my loan and then buy my flight ticket.

I was doing well until the second week of November my car was towed away. In order to get it back, I had to pay 500$ and I did so. My savings were gone in one shot, but at least I had still my car. I decided to sell it for 1300$ on Craiglist to be able to pay back my loan (1000$) and have some money left for my flight ticket. I kept doing small jobs and studying at the same time. I thought, if I sell the car for 1300$ and then I am able to save other 1000$, by end of December I can purchase my flight ticket and be free from this loan.

Unfortunately, on 11/16 the clutch of my car broke down. I had no money left to fix it (700$) and the value of my car now is around 200$. I am really in a bad situation. On one hand, I have to pay back my loan by mid-December; On the other hand, I need to buy my flight ticket to be again with my girl and keep our dreams alive.

Please, I need your help and every dollar is important. I will keep working and knocking every door, that's why I am not asking you to the cover the entire amount (loan+ticket), but only the loan. I think of being able to afford the ticket by myself, but I need to pay back the loan first.

For me this girl means a lot and we have so many dreams and adventure we want to share together. Every day I wake up and I had this pressure to get money, save them, but at the same time, to keep studying to build a solid future for myself and my family.

I will be so glad with all of you, every dollar is important.

Thanks a lot,
Grazie mille!

  • Perth, Australia Occidentale, Australia