A hitchhiking race of some travel-eager students

Roy van der Linden Start Date: Oct 9, 2017 - End Date: Apr 8, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Roy van der Linden Start Date: Oct 9, 2017 - End Date: Apr 8, 2018
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Vacation/Personal Trip
Dear visitors of this page,

I know all of you believe in the beauty of traveling, doesn't matter how, when or where. Maybe it's meeting new people, experiencing new cultures or just not exactly knowing what will happen next, traveling creates enriching experiences in all our lifes. It has certainly made me look at the world map a lot more.
My name is Roy and I am a second year astro-physics student. Just like many others around me I have been shocked by prices of airplane, train or even bus tickets. Yet I know adventerous travel does not have to be expensive, hitchhiking can be an awesome experience.

The motivation
What if people don't pick me up and I get stuck somewhere? What if the people who pick me up are not save? Is it worth al the trouble?
These are some reasonable thoughts I hear when I talk to people about hitchhiking. And these are just the thoughts stopping people from doing so. Which is a shame because I know most people are very excited about the concept itself. Therefor I want to organise a race for friends and friends of friends to live the hitchhiker life for a day with as much safety procautions as possible.

The plan
At sunrise next year in May, teams of two will leave the Amsterdam Amstel station official hitchhike spot racing towards the hostel in the romantic city of Paris. They will have to hurry if they want to win the praised trophy but at the same time balance arrival time with the crazy 88 tasks which will create a bond between the hitchhike teams and the drivers (and / or culture) and addtionally cut of minutes (depending on the task) of their end time.
There will be a safety protocal:
- There will be a van picking up stranded hitchhike teams near the end of the day ensuring everyone arrives before dark.
- The teams must send their location every hour and send number plates from every car they hitchhike with to the pick up van.
- Two girls in a team will not be allowed.

Your donation
I have got around 20 people excited about the plan but they are all, for now, racing asignment and rent-payment deadlines. This is why some are doubting if they will go because of the participant contribution which include:
- The Hostel
- Gasoline for the van
- The bus or train back
This is why I am asking you for a donation. I want to give these people, mostly students, who are struggling with working, studying and wanting to travel an unforgettable experience, which I know hitchhiking will provide. 

I hope I can create a story to inspire others around the world to organise similar races. If succesfull I will share the experiences of the teams through social media. I know people will be amazed by the pictures and videos of the crazy 88 tasks the hitchhiker are going to complete.
  • Parijs, Frankrijk