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Chantal Tuppert Start Date: May 29, 2018 - End Date: Sep 28, 2018

My Travel Story

by: Chantal Tuppert Start Date: May 29, 2018 - End Date: Sep 28, 2018
I am Chantal, French & English speaking,
 48.......don't fall down :) 
Ex Corporate Automotive worker, in a man's world.
It is tough, but I am tough! Worked my way!

Thanks for the attention of my profile and taking time to know me and my mission. 

To make this short....
Job Contract was terminated, 7 months ago, without notice, abolished, so they could save a salary! 
I have done the job...

Hard in Montreal, Canada, to get a job, older, maintain a house  (  Do renovations, I do them alone ), I live alone....all my savings went on my house!

Always giving to others........ my time, a lift, my shoulder, a room for free for other travellers!        
( Couchsurfing )

Iceland is / was, is on my bucket list before my job termination.
It is a safe place for a women and beautiful scenes for my photography experiment.

I was scared of planes.....I had never travelled before!
Did a trip, 1 year ago, Banff, Canada for a meeting....
Told myself, I am not scared anymore, it will not control me!
World is amazing!

I am starting Photography.
No places in Photography school here.....more than 1 year of wait!
I have to learn it by my own!
I am self-educated...Read, Try, Learn, Practice, Focus......

Iceland would be my safe place, dream, photography education, survival, road trip moment ( i'm a survivor )...live in the rental ( truck ).  Bring some food from Canada, My camera, 1 bag!.... so I can save! 
Iceland is verry costly!
So the accomodation part; Mini truck rental ( hotels are 250$ and more a night...no thank you! ).
I plan to stay 14 days.

I would let my daughter live in my house for free for a short time! 

You will be able to follow me all along,
Here are all my references ( see links further....but not all links works on this site........
Linkedin, Facebook, Personnal photography web site x2, just enter my name.......

Thank you, I really can't THANK YOU ENOUGH xx Thanks 


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    Thanks for the first donation! You are Anonymous, but I personaly want to thank you............. Chantal