Study Abroad in Costa Rica!

Destiny Saunders Start Date: Apr 28, 2018 - End Date: Mar 5, 2019
  • San José Province, Costa Rica

My Travel Story

by: Destiny Saunders Start Date: Apr 28, 2018 - End Date: Mar 5, 2019
Hi Everyone!
I am planning to study abroad summer 2019 in Costa Rica. I will be taking a land vertebrates course to learn about the different animals, specifically the Costa Rican animals. The organization providing this course is AIFS, a company recommended to me by my school. I will be placed at Veritas University.
Journeying to Costa Rica has been a long dream of mine and I would love to see the beautiful tropic country. And visiting the amazing country while earning college credit is a plus! 
The program is 5 weeks long and fees include:
  • Tuition: 4 college credits
  • Round trip airfare
  • Housing & internet access
  • Any cultural activities
  • Excursions
  • Student support & Insurance assistant package
Taking this course will not just help me get outside, but it will create more opportunitities for my future. I want to work with animals and this course will help me learn about exotic animals as well as the impact the environment has on animals' lives and their habitats. 
While studying is the main reason for the trip, I will also be able to enjoy the tropical environment surrounding me. There is a two day excursion available to students to travel to the Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs. The Arenal Volcano is home to a variety of birds and there is also a lake neraby that we will hike to. 
This would be an amazing opportunity for me and I would appreciate ANY amount of donations to help with the cost.
The estimated goal of the fundraiser is just an estimate because there are study abroad scholarships available and I am not sure the amount I am eligible for yet.
Thank you in advance for your  donations!
  • San José Province, Costa Rica