Experiencing Vietnam

Serena Gafford Start Date: Aug 10, 2016 - End Date: Feb 9, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Serena Gafford Start Date: Aug 10, 2016 - End Date: Feb 9, 2017
Ever since I was little the most importnt thing in the world to me was to be able to travel and make a difference. The saying I do my best to live by is to "Do More Than Just Exist" and what that means to me is to live everyday to the fullest, to take chances when you are terrified, and to make a life you are proud of. 
While I am in Vietnam I will have the opportunity to help take care of orphan children and children suffering from HIV. The impact that I will have on this communtiy and that this communtiy will have on me will be truely life changing. There is nothing more in the entire universe that I want as much as being able to serve a communtiy that has nothing and to bring joy to children who may otherwise never have had any. I have never been overseas and I am so blessed that the first time I will be I will be to help others in need. 
The best part about this whole trip is that I will be going over Christmas, my winter break. I will get to spread love and joy to the Vietnamese people over the holidays. 
I chose to volunteer in Vietnam not only becuse of the children I will be helping, but also because what I will experience in Southeast Asia will be unlike anything I would experience at home, and something most people will never experience in their lifetime.