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Ashley Heil Start Date: May 10, 2017 - End Date: Aug 7, 2017
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Volunteer Trip
  • Zululand DC, South Africa

My Travel Story

by: Ashley Heil Start Date: May 10, 2017 - End Date: Aug 7, 2017
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Volunteer Trip
In October of 2017, Michael and I hope to volunteer with Wildlife ACT in Zululand, South Africa. For both of us, ever since we were little kids we have always dreamed about working with animals and going to Africa. In the fall of 2017, we are finishing up our 3rd and final year teaching English in South Korea, and then doing some traveling before moving back to America to start careers, get married, and start a brand new life there. There will never be as good of a time as there is now to go, so we are going to chase our dreams and go to Africa. We have both considered careers in conservation work and photography, and this will be the perfect way to dip our feet into both paths, test the waters, and get great conservation experience and photography opportunities.

Wildlife Act is one of the greatest volunteer conservation programs in Africa. Everyday we will wake up before sunrise, cram into a 4x4, and patrol the landscape looking for radio-collared animals, signs of poaching, and weakening park infrastructure. Our money goes directly to the conservation effort and ensures that a multitude of threatened species such as lions, elephants, wild dogs, cheetahs, giraffes, leopards, and rhinos get the protection and care they deserve. Any money you donate to Michael and my Fund My Travel account will not only help us realize a life long dream, but it will also have a direct impact on the conservation of Africa's majestic wildlife.

Africa Geographic Magazine recently described Wildlife ACT's Conservation Volunteer Program:
"The mission of Wildlife ACT, a beneficiary of My School My Village My Planet, is to help save the planet’s endangered wildlife and wild places from extinction. As a team of knowledgeable and passionate conservationists who work 365 days a year, they provide volunteers with the opportunity to get hands-on experience by taking part in their endangered species program."

"The program is based on five different game reserves in South Africa's biodiverse Zululand region and focuses on endangered animals - including the African wild dog, cheetah, rhino, lion, elephant, leopard and vulture. It offers a crash course in conservation techniques that can be learned from the best. Volunteers are up before sunrise and learn practical skills – from radio telemetry to collecting behavioral data. No two days are alike and volunteers have the opportunity to work on all the reserves for two weeks at a time."

Learn more about Wildlife ACT here:

Every little bit counts, even $1. Thanks so much for your support and helping us fulfill our dreams!
  • Zululand DC, South Africa


  • The Preparations Have Started!

    The preparations have started!
    We have started making preparations for our trip! We have started buying our flights, we have put down our deposit to volunteer with Wildlife ACT, started mailing our winter clothes back home, and researched and started to buy things we need for Africa such as flashlights, binoculars, waterproof clothes, and mosquito repellant. We are so excited to go and it still feels like a dream that we are doing this! We can't wait to make a difference in helping animals in Africa!
  • Thanks So Much For Your Help!

    Thanks So Much For Your Help!
    Wow, we already have 2 donations! Thanks so much for your help, Brian Boyle and Tyler and Alexa Branagan!! Michael and I have put down our deposit to volunteer October 23 to November 23. We are beyond excited and so grateful we have such great friends and family supporting us!

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