It's a bird, it's a plane, It's...My Trip to Botswana!

Dominique Scott Start Date: Jul 11, 2017 - End Date: Nov 7, 2017
  • Gaborone, South-East District, Botswana

My Travel Story

by: Dominique Scott Start Date: Jul 11, 2017 - End Date: Nov 7, 2017
Hi everyone!

My name is Dominique and I am a senior at Knox College. I was recently accepted into the study abroad Botswana program, that I am overly excited about.

Through my college years, I have always wanted to go abroad and get the experience that all of my friends have gotten. Since I have never been out of the country, I know this experience is going to be extremely different than what I am use to. One of the reasons I chose this program was because I knew it was going to be out of my comfort zone and something that would really challenge me as a person.

The ACM Botswana program allows students to come up with their own independent study and focus on that throughout the 5 months we are there. I want to be a teacher in the future, so I decided that for my independent study I would focus on the education system and volunteer as much as I can in the elementary classrooms. I wanted to go somewhere that I knew I could be a help, but also learn from in the future. Traveling abroad with a purpose in life is what meaningful travel means to me. Meaningful travel is important to me because you are able to learn so much from traveling. Through physically going and seeing historical monuments and artwork, I am able to connect and learn better than I can through seeing it in a textbook. I love to learn and develop a better understanding of the world through my own eyes as well as through those I travel along with. With your help, it won’t only change my life right away, but it will change my life forever.
  • Gaborone, South-East District, Botswana