Volunteer Trip: Healthcare Education Project in Bali.

tnp ttm Start Date: Jan 23, 2019 - End Date: May 22, 2019
  • Bali, อินโดนีเซีย

My Travel Story

by: tnp ttm Start Date: Jan 23, 2019 - End Date: May 22, 2019
Hello all! My name is May Thongthum from Thailand!

I am a freshmen student, who are pursuing Global Health major. I hope to be travelling to join the ongoing Healhtcare Education Project by Global Nomadic in Bali, Indonesia this 2019 summer!!! By joining this project, I am looking forward to gain more hand-on experience in healthcare, that's why I think this is a good opportunity to widen my perspective in healthcare education and healthcare system in other Southeast Asian countries. Despite of lacking medical background or interest in pursuing medical school, I am concerned on the healthcare awareness of those who are living under deprived circumstance. Therefore, I are inspired to gain more experience through this kind of volunteer trip to deepen my interest. 

Through joining and initiaiting some charity projects in High School, I have learned that the impacts of this project unbelievably atleast contribute to changing underprivileged people's living condition. Because health is very important for these people to sustain living. However, the underprovision of healthcare system inevitably increases a chance for them to develop unhealthy life habits. Thus, this experience truly is a beginning step for me to further pursue my ambition in helping these people in remote areas. On the 28th June this year, I am very excited to participate this wonderful opportunity. 

Lastly, other than pursing my career path, I enjoy learning new culture and cross-cultural interaction. This is why I chose Bali as my destination. I sincerely thank you who are interested in funding me and other travellers around the world. Your support will be deeply appreciated! 

May Thongthum
  • Bali, อินโดนีเซีย


  • Placement Approved!

    Placement Approved!
    Just received a great news today. My application has been approved!