A Dream Come True

Shelby Rowell Start Date: Jul 17, 2018 - End Date: Nov 16, 2018
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

My Travel Story

by: Shelby Rowell Start Date: Jul 17, 2018 - End Date: Nov 16, 2018
Hello everyone! I will try to be short and concise, but not withhold any of the important information.
I am so fortunate to be engaged to the love of my life, but the catch is that he is in India and I am in Florida. We were engaged in April and will be marrying in October - about 6 months of engagement. We video call everyday and message each other and email each other on a daily basis. We love each other dearly, and, as you can imagine, after a few months of not seeing each other in person, the idea of not seeing each other for another 3 months is fairly unbearable.
With the wedding planning and plans of settling down, we cannot afford a trip to see each other before the wedding. I desperately began to look for ways to be able to fund a visit to India, even if just for a few days, so that we can see each other again. That's when I found this website! Needless to say, my hopes were renewed!
I have not told my fiance about my idea in case it does not work out. And if it does work out, it will be one of the best surprises I will ever be able to give him!
I was a missionary abroad for 9 years, so I am well aware that there are many other trips that are worth funding. This is just the last attempt of a desperate fiance. Any help is greatly, greatly appreciated!
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India