Yoga Teacher Training Abroad

Thomas Gryga Start Date: Oct 19, 2017 - End Date: Feb 18, 2018
  • Goa, India

My Travel Story

by: Thomas Gryga Start Date: Oct 19, 2017 - End Date: Feb 18, 2018
Destination:  Himalaya Valley Yoga Center.  Traveling is a passion, desire, and pursuit of mine.  I’ve found a more developed and organized plan for traveling through The Practice of Yoga (Yoga is a tool to rediscover yourself).  I’ve been fortunate enough to come across many great teachers who have helped me tremendously to grow in my practice.  I am really excited with high hopes for this campaign.  If things go better than anticipated I will try for an earlier date at the Himalaya Yoga Valley Center in Goa, India.
  • Goa, India


  • Pinpointing My Destination!

    Pinpointing My Destination!
    I really want to train with Lalit at his Himalayan Yoga Valley Center. Right now, the 200 hour class in Ireland is looking the most promising because I want to respect my mom’s wishes. Depending on how successful these next few months are (and how transformative), I may have to switch targets back to Goa, India because I am afraid I cannot wait until next summer. I have an extremely urgent feeling in my gut, but at the same time am being really patient. I know that the answers I need lie in my Yoga Practice. I really want to make a video of me doing Yoga, and would like to offer donation incentives for serious help! Thank you.