Student Exchange to Italy!

Imogen Wyatt Start Date: Feb 25, 2017 - End Date: Aug 24, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Imogen Wyatt Start Date: Feb 25, 2017 - End Date: Aug 24, 2017
It has always been a dream of mine to go to Italy, where part of my heiritage is found. With your help, I can live, study, and learn about the culture there this coming September. This is such a huge opportunity for me. Not many people can experience a whole year of highschool in another country.
This will teach me so much including culture, people skills, and a whole new language. When I come back, I want to be able to share my experience with other people and encourage them not to be afraid to pursue their dreams. 
I do have a part time job, but I can’t work as many hours during school since I am so involved at my school, and my grades are very important to me. I have applied for scholarships and am hoping I win those, however, they are not a guarantee.  
Money from this fundraiser will cover all of my airfare, visa, schooling, accommodations with a host family, secondary medical insurance, and orientations. The program I am going through is AFS. Please consider donating to my cause to help make my dream of studying abroad come true.

Imogen Wyatt


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