Make My Chinese Dream Come True!!!

Alexander Davis Start Date: Aug 3, 2016 - End Date: Feb 2, 2017
  • Beijing, China

My Travel Story

by: Alexander Davis Start Date: Aug 3, 2016 - End Date: Feb 2, 2017
Hello Everyone!
I've never done this before, and honestly it makes me feel bad to have to ask others for help. I should start with the fact that I am a student at Cornell University and my dream has always been to have an internship in China! Due to the cost of school, however, and recent financial difficulties for my family I am no longer able to take out any loans and my dream of going to China is coming under serious jeopardy. Not only would an internship in China provide me with a unique cultural experience, but also a fantastic opportunity to advance my future career in economics and business so that I'll hopefully be able to pay off that huge mountain of student loans. 
I know I am not tht eonly one in this situation, but any help would be much appreciated! I'm currently taking the semester off from college and working two jobs to raise money for both school and the trip but I fear that I will fall very short! If its a penny or dollar, it will mean the world to me that you would help me make my dreams come true!

Alexander Davis
  • Beijing, China