Maissa Gharbi Start Date: Dec 21, 2017 - End Date: Mar 10, 2018

My Travel Story

by: Maissa Gharbi Start Date: Dec 21, 2017 - End Date: Mar 10, 2018
Being an environmental activist, contributing to a sustainable life style and the conservation of marine resources are the main goals I'm
picturing myself aiming to and building my career on. My passion for the environment and its conservation increased especially in my
college years. I'm trying to develop my self by participating in environmental forums and actions besides to participating in local
workshops with associations dealing with pollution and climate change, but I certainly need more training and support to achieve my
future career plans especially that the mission is harder in Tunisia. An environmental activist needs to have a strong personality and
needs to be a good public speaker, and participating in the Marine Research and Conservation program in Greeceis the perfect opportunity  to work on that. By meeting people from all over the world and from different backgrounds , this program will teach me to break cultural barriers so that I'll be able to develop my communication skills and discuss my ideas and thoughts in English.
In addition , I've never traveled abroad so having the chance to
visit another country where many international non-governmental organizations working in the field of the marine resources preservation,
and the reduction of human impact on the environment are founded. Altogether , there is no better way for me than this program to open up to the world and get out of my
comfort zone so i can build up my confidence, overcome my fears and enhance my leadership skills so I can be one day a successful
engineer , helping my country develop strong strategies to protect it's natural resources, innovate new solutions to fight pollution and
climate change problems, and raising awareness in my local community


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