33Sixty International Conference to discuss world issues

Constance Chung Start Date: Oct 9, 2016 - End Date: Dec 7, 2016
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My Travel Story

by: Constance Chung Start Date: Oct 9, 2016 - End Date: Dec 7, 2016
Hi I'm a year 3 medical student in Hong Kong. I'm always keen on understanding more about world and making a difference through local or overseas voluntary work, mock conference, policy formulation groups, social campaigns..

Here comes my next opportunity.

What is 33 Sixty ?

33 Sixty is a international leadership programme organised by Commonwealth and Common Purpose. Youth leaders aged 18-30 from different sectors, professions, reliefs,beliefs and different countries like African, Southeast Asia, island and developed countries will gather at Singapore from 25 Oct to 28 Oct.

Youths will talk to the world leaders and visit renowned NGOs and enterprises to get a deeper insight in world challenges. They have to draw up some solutions of world issues and present to the global leaders on the last day. Youths can make a difference.

Another highlight of the event is the exchange of ideas and culture. All participants come from totally different perspectives. The countries include the largest, smallest, poorest and richest places. Ultimate outcome of this programme is the participants can bring the inspiring ideas got from other people back to their home country and inspire other people or work further to make a difference. It also aims at raising culture intelligence of participants, which is becoming more essential in the future where more cross-boundary collaboration is needed.

What will I do in the conference?

As a representative of Hong Kong, I hope to find out how affluent and developed places like Hong Kong can contribute their resources, people, knowledge and technologies to world issues. We already have many NGOs, campaigns but what can we do further?

In addition, as a medical student, I pay a lot of attention to health issues such as spread of infectious disease, drug patent and use of antibiotics. Previous experience in healthcare service in overseas and Hong Kong also give me a glimpse of humanitarian work and work related to public health, letting me understand more about challenges and difficulties in larger-scale health services and health education. I hope to engage in discussion of medical issues, which are always a core world issue and become more and more important in foreseeable future, where globalisation makes spread of diseases much more easier than before and some curable diseases still result in high mortality in developing acountries due to lack of resources and education.

Why need your help ?

It will be a unique and unforgettable experience to meet different youth leaders, meet special cultures that are difficult to encounter (like the island and Asian countris) countries and know more about world issues. But I need your help because the organiser only covers part of the accommodation and programme fee, but not air tickets or meals. I will update my feelings and interesting things during the conference here.

Thanks for your support !!:D
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