Julia's Australian Adventure

Julia Feld Start Date: Nov 20, 2016 - End Date: Aug 26, 2017
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Study/Degree Abroad
  • Lismore, New South Wales, Australia

My Travel Story

by: Julia Feld Start Date: Nov 20, 2016 - End Date: Aug 26, 2017
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Study/Degree Abroad
Dear Friends and Family,

Since I was little, I’ve loved to travel; and ever since my parents let me travel to Phoenix, Arizona during spring break of my sophomore year of high school, my passion for travel has only grown. Currently, I am a Freshman at Winona State University where I’m double majoring in English and am pursuing an Adventure Tourism minor as well. One of the reasons that I chose Winona State as my school is the opportunity to study abroad that they provide to their students.

For a long time now, it has been a dream of mine to visit Australia. Winona State offers two types of international study programs, traditional study abroad in semester and yearlong lengths and Travel Studies, that range from two to eight weeks and include classes taught by Winona State teachers. My dream program is one called The Pacific Challenge; it is an eight-week program that takes its participants along the east coast of Australia as well as to New Zealand. It is an adventure program that includes excursions as well as classes that focus on the tourism industry, which fits my minor perfectly. I can take up to 18 academic credits on the trip, which would allow me to complete the majority of my minor work while abroad. I am writing this letter today because I need your help in making this program become a reality for me.

I plan to study aboard in the calendar year of 2018 and need to raise about $2500 to cover the cost of the classes I will be taking during the Pacific Challenge program. If I end up not being able to go on that particular program, I will use the money raised here to go toward another program in Australia; a semester abroad at Southern Cross University in Lismore, Australia. That program would also allow me to take some classes related to my Adventure Tourism minor, as well as some that go with my English majors and the general education requirements mandated by the state of Minnesota.

I would like to thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this, and even if you can’t financially support me in this campaign, thank you for your time. Every little bit helps and I am very grateful for whatever any of you can contribute.

I would more than happy to talk to you more about either of the programs! Feel free to reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or email me at one of these addesses: jfeld15@winona.edu or juliafeld2016@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Sincerely, Julia
  • Lismore, New South Wales, Australia


  • A Decision

    After a lot of thinking and considering of options, I have decided to pursue the Southern Cross semester abroad program in Australia. This program will allow me to have more than double the time abroad than Pacific Challenge would've. I will be in a traditional university setting as an international student all while still getting the opportunity to travel around Australia. Any money I raise here will be going towards paying for that program. There is something a little odd about this program. It is offered in 3 sessions, and the session I would be going on leaves in July 2018 and goes through the end of October that year. That being said, I will be coming back home in the middle of Winona State's first semester, which will leave me with 2 months to kill before second semester begins. Who knows, maybe that means I'll have to spend that time traveling around Australia or New Zealand on my own. Only time will tell it seems. Thanks for all the support everyone! I'm super excited to be planning this out and being one step closer to my dream trip!
    Much love,
  • We're Up And Running!!

    Today I received my first donation from one of my AMAZING cousins! I'm 3% of the way to my goal now, and even though that seems little, it's HUGE to me! This act of support means the world to me, I can't put it into words. I'm on my way! I hope y'all remember the incentives I've included on the right side of the page! :D Every little bit helps! Thanks for everything everyone!
    Love, Julia