Wildlife Conservation in Madagascar!!

Calle Cook Start Date: Apr 30, 2018 - End Date: Aug 7, 2018
  • Mahajanga, Madagascar

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by: Calle Cook Start Date: Apr 30, 2018 - End Date: Aug 7, 2018
Wildlife and habitat protection have been passions for me throughout my entire life. Growing up, I took care of several different types of animals, including frogs, snakes, turtlesbirds, rabbits, squirrels, and more. After college, I hope to pursue a career in rehabilitating and protecting our wildlife! Madagascar has perhaps some of the most unique and threatened wildlife in the world; approximately 95 percent of its reptiles, 89 percent of its plant life, and 92 percent of its mammals exist nowhere else on the planet. The Lemur is a classic example of the unique animals only in Madagascar.  Deforestation, poaching, illegal wildlife trade, and over-fishing are some of the major issues facing Madagascar’s natural resources. To me, it is my duty to protect and restore our environment, hence why I specifically chose Madagascar. It is devastating to lose even one of the precious species that Madagascar has to offer, and unfortunately it is happening everyday. It is very important to me that I do my part in conserving its wildlife, so during my time in Madagascar I will be working hands on with endangered species such as the eagles, tortoises, chameleons, and of course, Lemurs. I will also be learning all about the people, their Saklava culture and their language. When I am not helping to protect the habitat by helping animals and planting trees, I will be working with villagers, preparing food, and maybe get some time to explore some reefs or forests for fun. To me, the most important task I have is making sure my voice is heard for the environment. Please help me reach my goal so I am able to volunteer in taking action to conserve Madagascar's forest and the creatures within it, and bring back my stories and photos that I can hopefully use to motivate others to help protect our world!

  • Mahajanga, Madagascar

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