Parents' Surprise Anniversary Trip!

Carole Martin Start Date: Sep 10, 2016 - End Date: Jan 7, 2017
  • Hawaii, United States of America

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by: Carole Martin Start Date: Sep 10, 2016 - End Date: Jan 7, 2017
My parents are wonderful people, and I know they have touched many lives both individually and as a couple. As they come up on their 30th wedding anniversary (yay!!), my sisters and I would like to surprise them with a trip to Hawaii. My mom has wanted to go for years and has never had the chance! Neither of them are expecting to be able to go anywhere special, and I think they deserve it and could use the time to truly rest and enjoy eachother's company.

So I am calling on anyone who has ever known or loved my parents in any capacity to help make this gift a reality. My sisters and I can't afford it alone, and if it is a group effort it would be an incredible way to show them they're surrounded by people who love them on this special occasion.

Don't know how much to give? All travel and hotel accomodations have been covered at this point (even though the total to your right does not indicate so), so any amount from $5 to $100, if you're so inclined, will just go towards any extra expenses such as rental car, food, museums/other activities, etc.

They will be going to Kailua/Kona for about 10 days, God willing. 
Reminder that this is a SURPRISE gift, and that they will not know about this until Christmas Day when we will be able to present them with the travel arrangements. So please don't let anything slip!

If you would like to include a small message to be given to them along with the gift, that is appreciated and even encouraged. If you'd rather write me a check or send the money another way, we can do that, too.

Thanks so much! Let's send my awesome parents to Hawaii!
  • Hawaii, United States of America