Semester Dancing Abroad in Florence

Emily Poli Start Date: May 6, 2017 - End Date: Sep 5, 2017
  • Florence, Italy

My Travel Story

by: Emily Poli Start Date: May 6, 2017 - End Date: Sep 5, 2017
This Fall, I intend to study abroad at Florence University of the Arts where I will be able to take classes such as 'The History of the Mafia', 'Literature of the Grand Tour of Italy', 'Health and Fitness in the Mediterranean', 'Dance Workshop', and I have been accepted to work as an intern with a small dance company! This experience will be, without a doubt, once in a lifetime and will inevitably change who I will grow to be as an individual. Going abroad has always been on my bucket list, but being able to travel while also living as a local and continue my studies is something I never thought about until I found this program offered by Performing Arts Abroad.
As a dancer, I have realized that opportunity is everywhere. I just have to be ambitious enough to put myself in uncomfortable situations to make those connections that can put me into the dance world professionally. This is a major reason why I want to go abroad and intern with the dance company. The experience of having an education abroad is something that can't be replicated, and I have the feeling that it will change my work ethic and worldly view exponentially. I primarily chose this destination because of the course offerings and the length of time. Many of the other programs were either short, summer sessions, or the courses that were offered didn't quite interest me enough to go abroad for them. The majority, if not every one, that have studied abroad have come back to the states as mature, self-sufficient, and worldly thinkers in comparison to those who stay in the states to complete their education. This isn't to say that completing my education at my home school for the remainder of my degree is lesser than if I go abroad, but I believe that this experience is something that stands out, not only on my resume, but in my memories and character.
  • Florence, Italy