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Guillaume Bost Pasqual-Pienczykowski Start Date: Aug 2, 2017 - End Date: Oct 30, 2017
  • Basque Country, España
  • París, Francia
  • Cracovia, Polonia

My Travel Story

by: Guillaume Bost Pasqual-Pienczykowski Start Date: Aug 2, 2017 - End Date: Oct 30, 2017
My name is Guillaume Bost Pasqual-Pienczykowski. I was born french in 1989. My mother is half polish half from Corsica. She has never met her (our) family from our home lands, Poland and Corsica. Everything I can remember of her is struggling to keep my brother and I safe. She is everything to me, like all mothers I guess. She is now 67 years old and her father, my grandfather, passed away last month. As we were cleaning his empty house we found some letters and postcards written by some unknown family members, from both sites Corsica and Poland (as shown on pictures). My mother and I are the only ones left from this line age and we have absolutely no idea who or where our family members could be, except for this few postcards and letters we found in the family house.
My project is to earn enough money to buy or rent a camping car, and take my mom on the trip she was never able to do on her own before she gets too old for that. We would go from our current location, Spain, to Corsica, then Paris, then Cracovia. Our objetive would be to meet as many people as possible, as they're almost the only way possible to find more information about our family members. We would document, record, tape everything and share it through our blog. And finally reach our destinations and who knows ? maybe find out more about who we are. I have told my mother about my idea, and she smiled, as she knows we don't have the necessary means to do it.
I don't really have any hope on this website, I try to be realistic, but I had to try anyway.
If you are still reading so far, I thank you, that means a lot.
Guillaume Bost Pasqual-Pienczykowski
post-data: My girlfriend has started a blog on this, I'll add the link to the project (although the blog is in spanish).
  • Basque Country, España
  • París, Francia
  • Cracovia, Polonia


  • Mother And I

    Mother and I
    This was in the early 90s I think.
  • Another Letter From Poland!

    Another letter from Poland!
    Here is another one of the letters we found in my grand father's house.

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