I will be on a Mental Health Placement in Sri Lanka

Charlotte Nicoll Start Date: Nov 27, 2017 - End Date: Jul 20, 2018
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by: Charlotte Nicoll Start Date: Nov 27, 2017 - End Date: Jul 20, 2018
I will be going to Sri Lanka through the scheme Slv.global on a Mental Health Placement. 

I will be working in a psychiatric unit one day a week, which will help me learn more about mental health in other countries and will also help those on the unit feel uplifted as I will be promoting positive mentality and helping those who may need encouragement and support. I will also be teaching English through SLV's "English for Development" idea, where individuals aged 40+ are taught English by volunteers. In the English for Development days (2-3 days a week) I will be helping increase confidence and career prospects for those in Sri Lanka.

I will also be doing Special Needs work, helping those with special needs, once or twice a week. This may entail working in schools or on similar initiatives with those who may have autism, a brain injury or anything that classifies as a special needs. On top of this, I will be working in a Mental Health Care Home

I will be trained and will have other volunteers around to guide me through my experience. I will take part in workshops led by mental health professionals. Previous workshops have included: Psychology Within a Sri Lankan context, Psychological Healing Related to Tsunami and Post-War Reconciliation, Creative Therapy and Meditation and Mindfulness.

I will also have weekends free to explore the culture, food, area and wildlife and to completely immerse myself in my surroundings.

I am currently studying Psychology in Education, so I am passionate about learning more about mental health and helping improve the mental well-being of others. I want to make a huge difference and understand a different culture than my own, I don't want to just see mental health change just in my own country but in others, hence why I want to go to Sri Lanka! :)

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