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Richard Nkansah Start Date: Jun 2, 2018 - End Date: Aug 30, 2018
  • Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

My Travel Story

by: Richard Nkansah Start Date: Jun 2, 2018 - End Date: Aug 30, 2018
Richard has always dreamt to become a network engineer. His undying dream was to make his community a happy place to live and enjoy education. Since the depopulation of his town and community was massive. He would always is it because of internet access that has cause the youth to migratedmassively over the years? His dream to become a network engineer was to make internet connection accessible in his locality.
I am John Enamblay a teacher of the Roman Catholic Junior High school,Half Assini, in the western part of Ghana.
Richard Nkansah was my student four years ago. Richard's hard working and outstanding academic performance at school inspired me to developed a great love for him.
Late in his Junior high school Richard displayed a great trail of humility ,which open room for him to receive help from many other teacher to support him through out his studies.
After completion of junior high school, I recommended him to a friend who owned a retail mobile shop. He was able to gather quite some amount of money. So when the results were released to the school, he had aggregate 16, this was encouraging. I and some other teachers who were moved by his outstanding academic performance lobby for him a scholarship which covered the whole of his four years of Senior High school tuition fees.
Right after his completion of junior high school, I traveled outside the country.
By God's grace Richard has completed high school with also an excellent grade..
In Match this year, I returned to the country and fortunately I saw Richard on an errand. We spent sometimes chatting, I was very sad when he made know to me he is still at home after senior high school,as a result of financial problem.
I was therefore moved with compassion to put this on when he made known to me his stay in the house all this years in the name of struggling to raise some money to continue his education.
So I thought it wise to bring this on board, so that lovely people like GOFUNDME community could help raise some money to enable Richard go back to school.
I have applied for Richard a school in Russia at the M. GORKY DONETSK NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, KIROVOHRAD CAMPUS and enrollment begins this September 2018.

Below are the details of his tuition fees:

1st year (Home office registration charges, residence permit issuance, airport reception,
admission charges, administrative fee, service charges, etc. included): 1500 US$ only 1st year
Other Expenses paid only once after arrival 1st year:
Medical Insurance (for the whole period-6 years): 250 US$
Below are details of the tution fees
Tuition Fee: 4000 US$ every year
Accommodation: 1000 US$ every year
Other Expenses only for
Temporary Residence Permission (for the whole period-6 years): 150 US$
Medical Check-Up (once upon arrival): 50 US$
Second year and Onwards expenses:
Tuition Fee for Bachelor’s Degree: 4000 US$
Accommodation: 1000 US$
Complete expenses for the 2nd year and onwards: 5000 US$ every year.

I am humbly reaching out to community to ask that you consider donating to my Richards tuition fees and/or share this page with your friends, family and colleagues. 

Thank you for reading.
And thank you so much, for trying

  • Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Russia