Sapphira Christoforou Start Date: Sep 2, 2019 - End Date: Jan 1, 2020
  • Madrid, Spain

My Travel Story

by: Sapphira Christoforou Start Date: Sep 2, 2019 - End Date: Jan 1, 2020
So, as of January I will be on my way to being a certified TEFL teacher! I am so so excited and anxious to start this journey as for me i've quite recently discovered I actually really love working with people; I love meeting new people, exploring new cultures and I love English! :)

This is something i've always wanted to do but because of how shy i've been growing up, have always deemed it impossible. But coming out of my shell this year, taking initiative in my own life, making new friends - this has all made me realise this is something i really would love to do. And now I am going to do it!

So I'm reaching out. To all my friends and family that wish to support me while i'm away and studying. Anything you give will mean everything to me and will  make all the difference. This is my first time being away from home and being away from everything i've ever known, so the support i receive here will not only provide me with what I need financially for this trip, but also let me know i have all the love back home to keep me going while im away. 

I actually cannot express though how blessed I feel and how lucky i am to be able to have the opportunity to be doing this and hope that this will be the start of a really exciting and meaningful career as a teacher. The difference I am hoping to make, is 100% going to be the difference in the students i am working with. So many times in my life i've had teachers that unenthusiastically try and teach a subject - whatever that subject may be, that is totally unacceptable. Having had teachers that have put in 110% in working to give the best education to their students and comparing that to experiences of teachers not caring at all about how engaging they are and how little support they give to students, I can safely say that the difference in how much you enjoy the subject as a student and how much time and effort you want to put in is ASTRONOMICAL. And all of that is down to teachers. I want to be that first teacher.

But ultimately where-ever i decided to travel, i hope to immerse myself in the local culture and community and show that native English speakers aren't just there to teach but also to become a part of the community they are staying in.

  • Madrid, Spain



    So this is just a thank you to everyone who’s donated so far! I really appreciate the help; it means a lot ☺️ I’ve now got my flight covered and that’s one less thing to worry about