Help The Hungry Children of Africa

Kayla Gilchrist Start Date: Jun 6, 2017 - End Date: Oct 3, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Kayla Gilchrist Start Date: Jun 6, 2017 - End Date: Oct 3, 2017
Helping others has been a massive part of my moral beliefs. I find it truly encouraging to ones self and onto others. Helping and volunteer is a gift that can be given to anyone. I feel that if you volunteer your time to helping others in anyway thats the best way you can truly help someone. 
Approaching my senior year unemployed, I have found my true life's calling. I want to be there for others as much as i can in any way possible, because i know how it feels to be helpless.
I discovered a teenage volunteer aboard program called "Global Leadership Adventures" about a few weeks ago. This program takes teenzgers to different coutries around the world to have them volunteer by doing things from helping orphans to cleaning to community, and animal conservation. 
Finding this program, felt like finding a diamond in the rough. The only problem is that this program has to be paid for and is extremely espensive.
Having a single mother, sister in college, and a 3 year old brother our finacial situation isnt cut for the cost of this program.
The reason i think you should donate is because i find that i would put great use to your donation by traveling to Africa in Ghana and volunteer as hoped for. :)