Research Trip on Exploring Virtual Reality in Tokyo

Paul Rock Start Date: Jul 25, 2017 - End Date: Sep 2, 2017
  • Tokyo, Japan

My Travel Story

by: Paul Rock Start Date: Jul 25, 2017 - End Date: Sep 2, 2017
We (David Zhang and Paul Rock) have spent one month researching the Virtual Reality location based arcade scene of Asia.  Exploring how VR is being used to reach the general public in China, Japan, and Taiwan. 

Tokyo, despite being the best city for Virtual Reality innovation we had little opportunity to research and document what is happening in VR in Tokyo.  As we only spent 4 days in the city.  Right now the information on the Japanese VR scene is very limited as every English language blog about VR basically doesnt do hands on research about the Asian VR scene. 

The type of research we are doing demands travel and your support is appreciated. 

Now, Tokyo has opened up VR centers that the entire world is jealous of for only being available in Japan.  Without any notices of bringing the same type of entertainment to the West.  For example, Tokyo has VR Zone which allows people to play Mario Kart in VR, Dragonball Z in VR, and whole lot more.  There is also Mario Kart in Augmented Reality and Pong in Augmented Reality.

We would like to research what is being done at places like VR Zone, The Tokyo Game Show, and see how we can bring this technology to the west sooner than later.

The Tokyo Game Show is the largest game show in Japan and one of the largest in the world.  Featuring and debuting some of the weirdest and most unique Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality gaming experiences.  Many of these experiences are currently planned just for the Japanese market. We want to meet the creators to bring these unique VR experiences to North America or provide the information needed to replicate the experiences for the North American market.

In addition, we will record all our observations on our VR/AR blog,  This is not like typical VR and AR blogs as what we are recording is based on hands on research and not writing about news from a VR press release, blog about what is anticipated or guess upon, etc.
  • Tokyo, Japan