Help Zechariah run the NYC Tunnel to Towers 5k in 2018!

Chad Cartledge Start Date: Oct 30, 2017 - End Date: Jul 31, 2018
  • New York City, NY, United States of America

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by: Chad Cartledge Start Date: Oct 30, 2017 - End Date: Jul 31, 2018

Our son Zechariah has been running 5k's since the beginning of 2017 averaging roughly 25 minutes each race, and having a personal best of 23 minutes and 4 seconds. Of the 14 5k's he has taken part in this year, the most impactful 5k he has run yet was the Tunnel to Towers 5k in both Orlando and Clearwater, in which he ran alongside many of our city's first responders, some of which were in full gear, in rememberance of Stephen Siller, a first responder who lost his life while saving others during the 9/11 attacks.

When he first signed up for the Tunnel to Towers run in Orlando, he didn't know what to expect. To him, it was just another opportunity to do what he loves, run. When asked if we wanted to have him wear a badge honoring one of the fallen for a small donation, we agreed. That decision started it all for our son, as he immediately wanted to know more about the man on his badge. The man he honored was fallen Police Officer Walwyn Stuart who died on 9/11 while saving others. The story of Stephen Siller and what unfolded on 9/11 struck a chord with our son. He wanted to know more. That evening he came home, watched a documentary of 9/11 and eventually wrote a report on 9/11, Stephen Siller and the Tunnel to Towers foundation.

After sharing his report following the Orlando running of the Tunnel to Towers 5k, Zechariah was invited to the Clearwater running of the race, where he was able to read his report as part of the opening ceremonies.

Every year, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation holds a 5k in NYC where they retrace the very steps of Stephen from that fateful Tuesday in 2001. With how much this particular race impacted our son, we are trying to raise money to get him to NYC for the 2018 running of the Tunnel to Towers 5k. We believe this run will be a huge opportunity for him to really get to know how much 9/11 impacted our nation, and will inspire him to keep running for causes such as this.

 If we exceed 100%, and additional amount will be donated directly towards the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Those donations will still result in the name of those who donated being added to the shirt he will wear at the event.

Thanks for your help in making this possible! God Bless. :-)

  • New York City, NY, United States of America


  • Thanks For Everyone's Help!

    Thanks for everyone's help!
    We are up to 72% as of this post. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!
  • Thank You, Alan!

    Thank you, Alan!
    Zechariah wrote this note for Alan. To all that have donated so far, thank you! We are at 8% of our goal!