Help Ziyoma from a sudden scholarship suspended in China

Jirat-orn Siripanan Start Date: Aug 31, 2016 - End Date: Oct 29, 2016
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by: Jirat-orn Siripanan Start Date: Aug 31, 2016 - End Date: Oct 29, 2016
Ziyoma is  now currently in China, without knowing anything about the sudden scholarship suspended. It came without noticed.  The suspended is for 1 year, he has no idea this will happen so he had bought plane ticket and ready for a registration at his university.  Last year he has passed the exam and so the teacher said you're fine, you can go to the other university next year for the rest of 4 years bachelor degree.  So when he found out about the suspension, he has no clue of what to do, the family is at the same time facing money problems, so couldn't be able to help any further.  So this campaign is for helping ziyoma dealing with money problems through this sudden suspension of scholarship money.  Studying this year with the good behaviour will allows him to ask for next year scholarship, and fulfill his money problems for the rest of bachelor degree.  This suspension has given him lesson, that money is really hard to find, the passionate from this fund you gave will be enthrust to him, and make him be abetter person for the future.  He's now not believing there will be anyone willing to help through this donation but I want to show him there is such kind of person who willing to give good chance for others.  I hope when he reflect this out he will be, in the future, one of the person who help others who lack like him now.
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