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Claudia Flores Start Date: Jul 20, 2017 - End Date: Nov 16, 2017

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by: Claudia Flores Start Date: Jul 20, 2017 - End Date: Nov 16, 2017
Hello, I am Claudia Flores from Colombia, I am a person passionate about philanthropy because I believe that it is the means to be able to work as a team and eradicate poverty and lack of opportunities, I discovered this volunteering on the internet and what I like about it is Opportunity to share their life experiences in an environment where people's qualities and strengths are highlighted, the idea of ​​volunteering is to work with children, youth, adults and older adults through social therapy, curative pedagogy, care Of elderly, ecological agriculture and Waldorf pedagogy in Germany.
This project is important for me because it allows me to delve into the positive aspects of life and overcome my own limits to discover how far I can go in the company of people who believe that together we can have a better world, through cooperation with others to Build the life we ​​want to lead.
Their donation is important because they are not only contributing financially to the realization of a trip that has as an end to work from Waldorf pedagogy with children, young people and adults but also they are collaborating so that they have networks of support between all of us so that we can collaborate In our mutual needs, my idea is to share more deeply with the donors so that in turn you are the first builders of this dream.

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