Isa's Ireland History Adventure

Isabeau Newbury Start Date: Jan 6, 2020 - End Date: Mar 30, 2020
  • Galway, Ireland
  • Aran Islands, County Galway, Ireland

My Travel Story

by: Isabeau Newbury Start Date: Jan 6, 2020 - End Date: Mar 30, 2020
Hi everyone! My name is Isa Newbury and I am from Columbia Falls, Montana. I am currently a junior at Carroll College, and I am majoring in History with a minor in European Studies. Before going into my senior year of college, I decided that I needed to study abroad! The Summer of 2020 is the perfect time to do so, as it will allow me to enjoy the summer, but also further my education and offer new experiences. I chose the Irish Studies Program offered by NUI Galway, in Ireland. I will be there from June 15th-July 15th. The program will allow me to take 6 credits, which I will be able to transfer to my college.

I have always been fascinated by Ireland and its rich history, so when I saw that my college was offering an exchange, I knew I needed to jump on the opportunity. I would like to learn as much as I possibly can about the Irish people and their culture while abroad. This exchange will provide so many potential opportunities for my future and I am very excited to go. I have been planning this exchange since I first enrolled at Carroll College, and I've been trying to find the right time to finally take the leap into something completely unknown to me. I think that this exchange to Ireland will also help me grow into a better person and a better student, and it is something that I will always be grateful for.

Unfortunately, the program does not include a meal plan, airfare, or books & supplies. The program itself is mostly covered by financial aid, and my Uncle Patrick has graciously agreed to help me pay for my airfare. This fundraiser is to mostly make sure that I will have everything that I need while abroad, and to make sure that I have food to eat everyday! Any donation is very helpful, and I cannot thank you enough for helping me pursue this exchange to further my education and to help me achieve a dream I never thought would be possible.
  • Galway, Ireland
  • Aran Islands, County Galway, Ireland


  • February 18th, 2020

    Hi Everyone!

    We are at 66%!
    I have been a bit MIA these past couple of weeks because I've been super busy with school! I just wanted to thank you all again for your support- it means so much to me ❤

    If you can't donate- no worries- shares are very much appreciated!

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    Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared the fundraiser- it means more than you could possibly know!