Medical Mission Trip to Zambia

Angela Bess Start Date: Sep 10, 2023 - End Date: Nov 3, 2023

My Travel Story

by: Angela Bess Start Date: Sep 10, 2023 - End Date: Nov 3, 2023
“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” ~ Muhammad Ali

Hi Friends & Family! 

As many of you know, service to others is something that brings me joy and fulfillment. I believe that the honor of being a physician comes with an obligation to help the underserved. My last medical mission trip to Haiti was just before COVID-19 put everything on hold. The pandemic and now the devastating political unrest in Haiti prevent me from returning there at this time. I've been anxiously awaitng the opportunity to serve as a medical volunteer again. I'm excited to announce that this November I'll be traveling to Zambia, Africa on a medical mission trip facilitated by IVHQ, an international volunteer organization. I'll be working alongside local healthcare professionals to gain an understanding of their healthcare system. I'll be helping provide medical care in low-income Zambian communities where healthcare is neither easily accessible or affordable. I chose this location because they have a clinic specifically for maternal and child health. I intend to use my medical skills & expertise to positively impact each & every patient I encounter. The ability to serve in this capacity is absolutely the best part of my job. 

I am very excited for this opportunity to share my time and knowledge, but I cannot do it alone. I would love for you to be able to share in this experience with me. I'm seeking donations to cover travel expenses, accomodations, vaccinations, insurance, supplies and fees. This work is unpaid and all patients are treated free of charge. As important as the financial aspect is, I will value your prayers even more, not only for me but for the entire team in Zambia.

Thank you in advance for your donation. A little goes a long way. I appreciate your support!