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Ahmed Haroun Start Date: Aug 3, 2018 - End Date: Nov 30, 2018
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by: Ahmed Haroun Start Date: Aug 3, 2018 - End Date: Nov 30, 2018
My name is Ahmed Haroun, I am 25 years old and will be on this 15th of Augut 26 years old, I was a student of medicine in Ukraine in Ternopil city from 2012 till 2014, i left Ukraine in 2014 because of the war between Ukraine and Russia, it was not safe for me as a student and so many students left it cause of that either.
In 2015 i transfered to China in Shanxi province and i studied there for 6 months then i was forced to leave because the university which i was studying on it was not recognised and not on the universities list in my country so i left.
I went back to my country full of depression and sadness because that is my second university which i left because of the hard cicumstances, my family spent so much money on me to study and sold everything they own, in the end everything was lost.
My father and mother worked so hard to secure my studying money and let me continue my studying, my father had a car accident and got a broken back in the 10th and 12th vertibrae, now he is getting healing but he still can't work well as the previous years, my mother has abdomen hernia and she also can't work because she was recommended to stay at home.
I really wish to continue my medicine studying because i would love to be a future doctor, beside that it's my family wish since when i was kid.
I want to be a doctor because since i was born i had rachit in my both legs and did surgery to fix my legs problems. Since that time i wanted to be a surgeon to help the people who they need my help with my whole power and my ability.
Medicine is a humanitarian major and that's exactly what i seek to get it, to be a doctor.
Now after these 2 years i applied again to continue my studying in China cause China is a good place for the studying in addition that i can continue from the grade year that i stopped. 
My studying admission from the university will be extracted in the end of November and i should apply for the visa in the embassy after the documents are sent to me.
I need to prepare the studying fees with the visa registration, medical insurance, flight ticket, accomodation and medical check up.
Please i really need your help because i know that the world has so many great people who won't hesitate to help the students and the other people who need the help, your help is a great blessing and great kindness.
Thank you so much 
Kind regards
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    Please help me
    Please help me cause your help is important to me