Help send Hannah to Spain

Hannah Rose Start Date: Aug 18, 2016 - End Date: Dec 17, 2016

My Travel Story

by: Hannah Rose Start Date: Aug 18, 2016 - End Date: Dec 17, 2016
Please donate to my dream of traveling to Spain as an exchange student.  Traveling to different places around the world has always been dream of mine.  Seeing new things, new experiences and meeting new friends from different cultures.

I went on a mission trip with my church to another country to help build a church.  It was a life changing trip for me.  I loved the people that I met.  We learned a lot from each other.  The diveristy of our cultures makes life so interesting.  

Everyday life gets old and boring.  Being able to travel to a foreign place adds excitement and adventure.  I hope to be able to have job that allows me to travel around the world to meet new people and help those that I can.  

This trip will give me an incredible school experience and life enriching experience.  This is just the beginning of one of many chapters in my life story.  Unfortunately traveling is not free or remotely inexpensive, I recently earned a scholarship (partial)  My family has been very supportive, but a single mother's income can go only so far.  Any donation is greatly appreciated.  I just want to thank you in advance for your generous support.  I look forward to sharing my adventures with you when I return!