Im 16 and I want to spend 10 Days In London, Paris & Madrid

Nicole Christensen Start Date: Aug 24, 2016 - End Date: Jan 20, 2017
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Paris, France
  • Madrid, Spain

My Travel Story

by: Nicole Christensen Start Date: Aug 24, 2016 - End Date: Jan 20, 2017
Hello everybody,

My name is Ronald and I am a Junior in HIgh School, my best friend shown in the pictures with me is my Best Friend Sky, she is a Senior this year. We have been best friends since we were 6 years old. We fight like brothers and sisters do and we have the best of time when were together.
After she graduates, she will be heading off to college in a completely diffrent state and I will only see her on holidays if she actually ever comes home :(.
So we begged our Moms to allow us to go on this School Trip, completely chapperoned with many adults tagging along with us to make sure none of us teenagers get into mischief and have the best educational trip ever.
I am asking for donations because my mom is a single mom and works her butt off, she has been making payments monthly on my trip and I have done a couple fundraisers to try to raise funds to help her too. I have been applying at every store but no one wants to hire a 16 year old tsk tsk tsk.
The original cost for our trip is $3325 pp, We have paid it down to $889. Not bad right?

I am asking for the goodness of people to help my mother and I out, so she doesnt have to bare the burden of the last $889 and the spending cash that I am going to need while I am traveling.
My bestie and I are great kids, we dont get into too much trouble, occassionally talk back to our moms, never keep our rooms clean (not tru Sky is a clean freak). We would love to share this last major trip together before our lives change over the next year as she goes away. We are soooo close. I know my mom will break her back to make sure this trip is paid 100%, but if i could ease her pain financially, I would love that.
My mom is an amazing mom who has raised 2 amazing kids (25 yr old Marine and Me).

Every dollar helps, and if thats all you can or want to donate, I would really appreciate it, its one less dollar my mom and I have to come up with.

If you would like to see my itinerary here it is below and Thanks for reading about my trip....
Day 1: Fly overnight to England
Day 2: London

Meet your Tour Director at the airport

Day 3: London
Take a guided tour of London
With your expert local guide you will see:

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament
Piccadilly Circus
St. Paul’s Cathedral
Westminster Abbey
Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace (if scheduled)
Ride the London Eye

Enjoy an authentic fish and chips dinner

Day 4: London
Enjoy a free day in London

Optional: Windsor Castle
This is your invitation to the Royal Family’s retreat, Windsor Castle! Join a local guide on your half-day excursion to Windsor, built by William the Conqueror in 1070. Priceless objects are found in the State Apartments, from paintings by Rubens to Henry VIII’s sword and suit of armor. You will also see Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House and St. George’s Chapel, the final resting place of many monarchs.
Day 5: London • Paris
Travel by Eurostar train to Paris

Take a walking tour of Paris
With your tour director you will see:
Latin Quarter
The Louvre
Notre Dame Cathedral
Visit the Louvre

Visit Notre Dame Cathedral

Day 6: Paris
Take a guided tour of Paris
With your expert local guide you will see:

Place de la Concorde
Arc de Triomphe
Les Invalides
Eiffel Tower
Optional: Versailles
Join an optional excursion to the grand palace of Versailles, where Louis XIV held court in the most lavish style imaginable. On a tour, stroll through the elegantly landscaped gardens, the historic Hall of Mirrors and the ornately decorated State Apartments.

Note: Versailles is closed on Mondays. Enrollment deadline for this excursion is 70 days prior to departure.
Day 7: Paris • Madrid

Fly to Madrid

Day 8: Madrid
Take a guided tour of Madrid
With your expert local guide you will see:

Puerta del Sol
Plaza Mayor
Plaza de Oriente
Visit the Royal Palace

Take a walking tour of Madrid

Visit the Prado

Day 9: Toledo • Madrid
Take a guided tour of Toledo

Visit the Toledo Cathedral

Visit the Church of Santo Tomé

Visit a synagogue

Enjoy a free evening or

Optional: Madrid Flamenco Evening
Born of Indian, Moorish, Arabian and gypsy influences, flamenco is a passionate display of dramatic poses and colorful costumes, accompanied by song and guitar. Feel the beat as you experience a fiery taste of the soul of Spain. The duration of the performance is 1 hour and a beverage is included.
Day 10: Depart for home
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Paris, France
  • Madrid, Spain