Japan in all his ancient glory... and me

Gabriele Maraner Start Date: Oct 4, 2016 - End Date: Oct 3, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Gabriele Maraner Start Date: Oct 4, 2016 - End Date: Oct 3, 2017
Hello everyone! My name is Gabriele and I'm 19 years old, yay! I'm studying architecture and engineering and I'm in love of Japanese culture and architecture, I'm really interested to learn and understand how the typical japanese buildings are built because I would like to apply some of the things that I will learn there on my projects and stuff.

Also this is a kinda my "personal" trip, I mean... everyone at this age want to see the world alone or with some friends and grow as person, this is my time to do it.

I'm looking to raise enough money to stay in Japan for at maximum 2 month, i've to work and also keep studying in my city so for now i can't take too much time for this travel.

But also if i gain enough money (always money fault goddamn) I would like to go there with my girlfriend Maddalena, she's in love of modern japanese culture so if I can make her this surprise it will make me (and her) so Happy!

Actually I'm just opening my fundraising so u won't see that much things now but in some days I will add some stuff like my blog, facebook profile, pictures ecc. ecc.

Please help me make my dream come true!