Angela's Bali Mental Health Mission

Angela Kumah Start Date: Jun 21, 2017 - End Date: Sep 8, 2017
  • Bali, Indonesia

My Travel Story

by: Angela Kumah Start Date: Jun 21, 2017 - End Date: Sep 8, 2017
Right now, in Indonesia there are at least 19,000 vulnerable people suffering from the poverty of lacking sufficient mental healthcare.

My name is Angela Kumah. I am a soon to be a final year Psychology student and my mission this summer is to travel to Bali, Indonesia to make a difference to this number.

I am fundraising because I am joining SLV, out there in Bali, for a period of 4 weeks from August to September, on a mental health placement.

SLV is a voluntary organisation started up by Psychology graduates in 2010 who, just like me, saw a need and decided to offer their knowledge and experience to the local community in Bali.

Resources for those living with a mental illness in Bali are scarce. Individuals with mental health issues tend to be marginalised in society. My role this summer as part of the team at SLV would be to provide that which is scarce. My stay in Bali will be focused on working with individuals who suffer with mental issues to engage with effective, creative therapies, designed to engage the mind and ameliorate symptoms; therapies that they otherwise would have limited access to.

In addition to this project, I will also be teaching English in the local community and working one to one with individuals with special needs. Throughout my stay, I will be living with other volunteers with a family in Bali.

I cannot embark on this incredible journey without your help. Please, support me to support these individuals who need it - no matter how small. 

  • Bali, Indonesia