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Emily Sullivan Start Date: Apr 20, 2024 - End Date: Jul 19, 2024
  • Sri Lanka

My Travel Story

by: Emily Sullivan Start Date: Apr 20, 2024 - End Date: Jul 19, 2024
Shortly after completing my Undergraduate Degree in Psychology this June, I will embark on a mental health volunteering journey in Ambalangoda, a town located in Sri Lanka, facilitated by the international volunteering company known as Plan My Gap Year.

Sri Lanka’s suicide rates are amongst the highest globally, according to the World Health Organisation, and mental health needs in Sri Lanka today are soaring. I have always been passionate about mental health and believe that everyone deserves access to support for their well-being. This opportunity perfectly aligns with my aspirations to make a positive impact in communities where mental health resources may be limited. Through this experience, I hope to not only contribute to the mental health initiatives in Ambalangoda but also gain valuable insights and skills that will positively shape my career path in psychology.

By supporting this campaign, you are not only helping me immerse myself in a new culture and learn from the local community, but are also contributing to the meaningful support volunteers will be able to offer those in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and the National Institute of Mental Health in Sri Lanka.

The "goal amount" of this campaign is the total sum of expenses to be made to fund this trip. I greatly appreciate any donations made, no matter how big or small. I am thrilled to share my journey with you!

  • Sri Lanka