Take dad back to Rome

Antonella Agazzoni Start Date: Jul 24, 2017 - End Date: Jan 23, 2018
  • Roma, Itália

My Travel Story

by: Antonella Agazzoni Start Date: Jul 24, 2017 - End Date: Jan 23, 2018
Hi! My name is Antonella Agazzoni, I'm 24 years old and I'm studying social psychology. My family and I are from Argentina.

Eleven years ago my dad was diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia. Back then he was given a  life expectancy of  ten years. Since then until now every day with him has been a gift from life.

Around this I have 3 biggest dreams:

1) Having my dad on my graduation day from high school. (accomplished)

2) Having my dad with me while I get my degree and working as social psychologist (3 years left)

3) And what I 'm asking help for: Take my dad back to Rome and meet the place with him.

All his family where from Italy and even he lived there while he was young. He always talk abaout it with such  joy, emotion, nostalgia and homesickness. He was 17 years old when he left Italy and he could never went back (he's 55 years old nowadays)

I want to take him back to the place he loved so much, walk the streets with him by my side, watch his eyes full of happiness and nostalgia and hear step by step the stories and memories he has in that place.

I'm looking for a job to raise the money for it, but where I live is very hard to find one and even if I get a job, it would take me years to get the money for the trip. At this moment I`m doing my best to accomplish this goal. It would mean the world to me if we can make this dream come true for my dad.
  • Roma, Itália