Court takes Sport to Bolivia!

Courtney Wheeler Start Date: Aug 1, 2016 - End Date: Oct 29, 2016

My Travel Story

by: Courtney Wheeler Start Date: Aug 1, 2016 - End Date: Oct 29, 2016
Well all those close to me will know how I am obsessed with anything active and have a real passion for advocating the importance of being involved in some form of physical activity no matter who you are!

Whether you are member of a gym, you’re local cross fit or a sporting team it is vital to your wellbeing, it helps build strong relationships, team work and of course is great for your general health! Participating in these groups is vital especially for children as it gives them great skills for the rest of their life!

Later this year I will be heading over to Bolivia, South America to take on a Sports Coaching and Community Work Project through Kaya Volunteers. I will be working with the local community of Andes to increase participation for young people in sports, particularly Football (soccer) which they love! This is a very important element that these kids are missing in their lives and I hope to use this opportunity to spread the word, develop skills not only in the sport itself but sportsmanship and being a part of a team.

I would love for my friends and family and those who are interested to follow my journey and be involved in this project. I am hoping to use this opportunity to send the message to my local community before I take it across the world!

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for some exciting activities

For those who would like to contribute I would be super grateful for the assistance in getting me over there.

Thanks everyone xx