Take me to Germany

Fausto Pérez Start Date: Aug 22, 2016 - End Date: Dec 19, 2016

My Travel Story

by: Fausto Pérez Start Date: Aug 22, 2016 - End Date: Dec 19, 2016
Hello everybody! 

I'm Fausto from El Salvador! yep that small country in Central America, I'm 24 years old and well, here goes my story! :) I've  created this campaing to make a personal dream come true, to meet the most special person to me, her name is Taisia, she is from Russia, we meet 3 years ago over the internet, but now she lives in Germany, we have been in touch since that time and we always have keep this dream of actually meet in person someday. We currently cannot afford  to travel, cause we both are students and is harder for us to afford this, but we really wish to meet and spend ac couple of days together, we have never meet in real actually but after sharing time for 3 years we really are decided to meet.

Personally I consider we are ready to meet, since the time we know and have keep in touch is pretty good, 3 years and we know actually what we want, it's not just something that suddendly come out but something that by time has been development, that's why I do take this very as something very special and important, I would like please,some help with the plane ticket, which is the hardest for me right now to get, and I will see and fix the accomodation issue. 

Our life has changed by keeping in touch and by learning from each other, so many things have happened and no matter what we keep our relation stronger than never, we teach each other our native languages which is pretty interesting and as long as I have learn from her so much I think she has learnt from me as well, we get along and understand very well actually and it's sometimes harder to see the time and not being able to be with this person, distance is pretty difficult thing but I think that as long as the inner keeps stronger things can be possible, 

I would like to make a surprise to her, that's why I want to make this trip come true,  since a very important time besides having 3 years of knowing each other,  in her studies are coming and I wouldn't like to miss this special date, but arrive secretly and appear suddendly in the event, I can assure this could be really beautifull. I hope I can make this true and since now I'm thankful for anyone that stops and take a look at my campaing. 

Personally I'm a graphic design student, and I paint as well, mostly landscapes, so I'm willing to help anyone as well, with some graphic design or by art, i can work hard to achive this by doing what I'm best at., I know things are not easy but I can work too if is needed, 

On behalf of myself, thank you for all the support and every little bit will help.

Much love

Fausto Pérez